Creative Giving

Stocks, bonds and mutual shares are a unique and tax-beneficial way to give to Lakeland Regional Health. Appreciated securities are a smart approach to gift giving. Benefits can include:

• Appreciated stock can be worth more than a cash gift, increasing the value of your gift at a decreased cost to you.
• No capital gains tax is paid by you.
• No matter the original cost of the security, you receive an immediate tax deduction for the fair market value on the date of transfer.

Have questions? Call or email the Foundation Office today and let us help you get started. Call 863.687.1296 or email

Brokerage Account Securities Transfer

If you are committed to being creative through the transfer of stocks, contact Tim Boynton at or 863.687.1296 for stock account information.

Stock or Bond Certificate Transfer by Mail

If you hold the physical certificate form, the certificate and a signed stock power under a separate cover can be delivered or mailed to Lakeland Regional Health Foundation, Attn: Tim Boynton, P.O. Box 95448, Lakeland, FL 33804. To make an appointment for delivery, call 863.687.1296.