Annual Giving

Impact of Annual Giving

Lakeland Regional Health is currently finding ways to enhance these programs and accelerate the following advancements through the generous gifts of annual donors:

  • Lakeland Regional Health Hollis Cancer Center: Our generous Foundation donors support the Hollis Cancer Center expansion project, providing individuals fighting cancer with additional treatment areas, programmatic enhancements and advanced cancer treatment technologies.
  • Carol Jenkins Barnett Pavilion for Women and Children: Exciting plans to offer significantly enhanced services at our Pavilion for Women and Children are underway. The support of the Foundation and our auxiliary group, Women in Philanthropy, play a key role in this initiative.
  • Advanced Technology and Equipment: Major purchases, including NICU beds, fetal monitors and full body scanners, are made possible through donations to the Foundation.
  • The Bannasch Institute for Advanced Rehabilitation Medicine: Gifts to our charity help the newly opened Bannasch Institute provide advanced therapy equipment to promote the highest degree of independence possible for each patient.

Designating Your Gifts

Your annual gift can be designated as “unrestricted,” which allows Lakeland Regional Health to use your gift in an area of critical need, or you can help fund one of our three major initiatives: Delivering, Advancing, and/or Strengthening. To personalize your gift, you may dedicate your donation in memory or honor of someone special.

Recognizing Major Donors and Cumulative Giving

The Morrell Society, $10,000+ a year or over a lifetime
In 1914, when Mrs. Jane Morrell made a gift of land to the city to build a hospital, she established more than a healthcare facility. She laid the foundation for charitable giving to healthcare in our community. Her bequest was valued at $15,000.

Today, the Foundation permanently recognizes donors of $10,000 or more by placing a plaque within the Medical Center.

Morrell Society members have made a significant commitment to advancing medical services in the community by making gifts totaling more than $10,000 throughout their lifetimes. The gift of $10,000 or more may be made at one time or cumulatively over the years. The Foundation permanently recognizes Morrell Society donors by placing a plaque on our donor walls and providing access to special services as a patient at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center (expedited admission process, gourmet meal service, etc.), yearly recognition and invitations to exclusive gatherings. Additional recognitions occur as Morrell Society members’ cumulative giving increases to the Silver ($25,000+), Gold ($50,000+), Platinum ($100,000+) and Diamond ($500,000+) levels.

We are proud of the example of sharing and caring exemplified by our Morrell Society members. Thank you for touching lives with your generosity.

Sentry Club, $100-$999 each year
Sentry Club members, as guardians of healthcare, annually fund current and ongoing needs. Sentry Club members receive yearly recognition in Foundation publications as well as a special Sentry Club memento.

The 1914 Society, $1,000 each year
In 1914, when Mrs. Jane Morrell donated a parcel of land north of Downtown Lakeland for the purpose of “building a hospital to be of service to the community,” there came to be a shared vision of what could be a place of hope and medical excellence here in Polk County. With the help of members of the 1914 Society, Lakeland Regional Health was able to improve delivery of healthcare to our community with the following accomplishments:

  • Opening of the Bannasch Institute of Advanced Rehabilitative Medicine.
  • Opening of three state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms.
  • Addition of a Linear Accelerator to treat tumors at the Hollis Cancer Center.
  • Hollis Cancer Center expansion and renovation.

There is, however, much more to be done. That’s where the 1914 Society plays a pivotal role and where your leadership is needed.

1914 Society Benefits

We invite you to become a part of our Lakeland Regional Health Foundation family as a member of our 1914 Society. An annual, tax-deductible gift of $1,000 or more is requested to join this caring group of visionaries. Please consider making your gift today.

As a 1914 Society member, you will:

  • Be kept current on special projects and new programs.
  • Receive a special Foundation Donor Card for hospital admission and discharge.
  • Be invited to our annual donor reception.
  • Be asked for your ideas and input regarding projects for service advancement.
  • Have your name placed on our special 1914 Society donor board in the Medical Center lobby as well as on our website.

Lakeland Regional Health has started the journey toward the future of healthcare for this community, and our generous donors have been there every step of the way.