Ways to Give

The importance of supporting healthcare in your community cannot be underestimated, especially for those whose lives are saved. Your generous gifts will ensure that our hospital and cancer center will continue to increase services and provide patients and their families with the highest level of care. For more information on giving societies and recognition click here.

Cash Gifts
Cash, Check and Credit Card gifts can be made at any time via mail, phone or online. They are tax-deductible in the year made, can be designated to specific purposes and even made in honor or memory of a loved one. The Foundation acknowledges all cash gifts in a timely manner with a written receipt.

Pledges/Recurring Gifts
It is possible to pledge gifts to the Foundation over a specified period (usually 3-5 years) or set up a recurring gift to the Foundation. Pledged or recurring gifts may be charged to a credit card, or the Foundation can send friendly reminders of pledge payment due dates so that donors can pay by check. These gifts are tax-deductible in the years the payments are made.

Appreciated Property & Securities & Closely Held Stock
Lakeland Regional Medical Center Foundation accepts gifts of marketable securities, including those readily traded on national or regional stock exchanges, as well as closely held securities from private or family-owned businesses. Transferring an appreciated stock to a charitable organization provides the donor with the opportunity to make a significant charitable gift as well as avoid capital gains tax if the property were sold. (must transfer shares directly to Foundation) For closely held stock, the corporation may redeem stock directly from Foundation.

Real Estate
It is possible for a donor to make a gift of a residence, farm, or vacation home by assigning it directly to LRMC Foundation or by selling it to the Foundation in a bargain sale. The amount of the contribution is the fair market value on the date of transfer or sale (minus any payment received).

Charitable Gift Annuity/Deferred Gift Annuity
This type of gift arrangement allows you to make a substantial gift to the Foundation while also receiving ongoing income from that gift. A gift annuity provides a fixed income for the lifetime(s) of one or two annuitants, the older the annuitant, the higher the rate of return (typically 5%-8%). A portion of the gift is tax deductible and a portion of the income is tax free. Charitable Gift Annuities can be funded with cash, stock or even real estate. (minimum gift is $10,000)

Charitable Lead Trust
With a lead trust a donor provides assets to the Foundation to invest for a limited period of time. The invested funds provide income to the Foundation and then are returned to the donor or to an estate at end of the time period. This is a great way to fulfill a multi-year pledge while reducing estate and gift taxes that might otherwise be due on assets given outright to heirs.

This is intended only to provide general information. Donors are encouraged to consult an attorney or tax advisor for professional legal advice.