Endowment Needs

The LRMC Foundation Board has committed to building an endowment for future use of our medical and cancer centers. Income earned from the endowment can be reinvested for compound growth or can provide a predictable source of funding for current and/or future healthcare needs in our community. The Foundation Board believes that endowment building demonstrates to the community the financial stability of the organization and our long-term commitment to supporting Lakeland Regional Medical Center and its mission.

Endowment donors ensure that Lakeland Regional continues to be one of the best health-care institutions in the nation. When a donor invests in an endowment, the gift supports clinical programs, research and education in perpetuity.

The Importance of Endowments

  • It is through endowments that Lakeland Regional is able to attract and retain the nation’s top medical researchers and world class physicians to care for the people of our community.
  • Endowments recognize and promote excellence in medicine and signify the hospital’s commitment to support that work.
  • Endowments help achieve breakthrough discoveries through the learning and research they help to support.
  • When donors give to support an endowment, that gift is preserved in perpetuity, ensuring that your gift will thrive and grow far into the future impacting the lives of patients today and for many generations to come.

Types of Endowment Gifts:
Endowed Clinical Programs: $500,000+ each
Endowed Medical Chairs: $250,000+ each
Endowed Scholarship & Education Funds – $25,00-100,000+ each
Endowed Research Trials – $100,000+ each