Resources & Advisors

It is our mission at the Foundation to help our donors make wise decisions about their giving – to help them understand and utilize the many charitable tools available and to ensure that they feel great about their gift and the impact it will make.

Confidential Estate Plan Review Service
provided by
Thompson & Associates
The LRMC Foundation has contracted with Thompson & Associates to provide our donors with a personalized and confidential estate plan. We believe that when given the choice, most donors would prefer to give a portion of their estate to charity, rather than the government. Our local representative, Ron Smith, meets one on one with donors on a monthly basis in order to educate them on charitable planning tools and assist them in balancing financial needs, family needs, wealth transfer planning and charitable interests in a way that hopefully means less TAX! Participation in the Estate Plan Review Service is very limited and must be reserved through the Foundation Office. Visit for more information.

Brochures and Information
Feel free to email us and request one of the following brochures:

  • Gifts of Securities (the advantages of using stock to make charitable gifts)
  • Your WILL to help (including charity in your will)
  • The Gift Annuity
  • Insuring Tomorrow (gifts using life insurance)
  • A Special Beneficiary (the advantages of naming charity as a beneficiary)
  • Trusts for Tomorrow (how charitable trusts work)
  • Bequeath your Bonds (using bonds to make charitable gifts)
  • Good for Business (using business assets to make a gift)
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Your IRA Legacy (the advantage of including charity as IRA beneficiary)

Professional Advisors & Partners
The LRMC Foundation partners with dozens of local professionals to ensure that our donors receive the best counsel in regards to estate planning and financial planning. These partners consist of attorneys, trust advisors, financial planners, insurance agents and CPAs who have made a commitment to staying on the forefront of charitable planning tools and needs in our community. Feel free to email us and request a directory of local estate planning professionals by mail.

A message from the Planned Giving Officer
I encourage you to contact me at any time to explore the many opportunities available to be “strategic” in your giving. I’m happy to provide you with different scenarios for making a gift that will help you make the best decision about your giving – with no obligation on your part.

With the markets and economy in flux, we need to be wise and creative with our dollars – especially our philanthropic dollars. So I hope you will use our office as a resource and discover how truly great it feels to invest in the health of your community.

Sincerely Yours,
Paula M. Higgins, CFRE