Giving to help those in need, or to help those who tomorrow will need medical care, is a personal choice. Motivated by the struggles of a pre-mature baby, by someone stricken with cancer, by a family member with heart disease or perhaps by care you once received – the end result of giving to the LRH Foundation is lives are saved.

Furthermore, 100% of your donation goes to the Medical Center, Cancer Center or to the specific fund that you designate. By contributing, you become a vital part of exciting new changes that will help to reshape the Lakeland Regional Health of tomorrow. This is your opportunity to invest in new ideas and new technology that will change how the hospital provides care now and in the future.

To learn more about current LRH needs, click here.

Giving in the 21st century has grown far beyond simple charity. As philanthropic investors, we can make gifts that:

  • Guarantee an income stream for life
  • Lessen our individual tax liability now and in the future
  • Leave a legacy of giving long after we are gone, and
  • Protect our assets and our financial security