Morrell Society

(gifts of $10,000 or more a year or over a lifetime)

Morrell Society gifts members have made a significant commitment to advancing medical services in the community by making gifts totaling more than $10,000 throughout their lifetimes. The Foundation permanently recognizes Morrell Society donors by placing a plaque on our donor walls and providing access to special services as a patient at LRMC (expedited admission process, gourmet meal service, etc.), yearly recognition and invitations to exclusive gatherings. Additional recognitions occur as Morrell Society members cumulative giving increases to the Silver ($25,000+), Gold ($50,000+), Platinum ($100,000+) and Diamond ($500,000) levels.

Recognizing Major Donors and Cumulative Giving

In 1914 when Jane Morrell made a gift of land to the city to build a hospital, she established more than a health care facility. She laid the foundation for charitable giving to health care in our community. Her bequest was valued at $15,000.

Today, the Medical Center Foundation permanently recognizes donors of $10,000 or more with membership in The Morrell Society by placing a plaque on the donor wall adjacent to Entrance A.

The gift of $10,000 or more may be made at one time or cumulatively over the years. We are proud of the example of sharing and caring exemplified by our Morrell Society members. The following list of donors serve as an inspiration to others. Thank you for touching lives with your caring and sharing.